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Neareast Security Services (NESS) is a local Iraqi company specializing in private and contracted security services, owned and operated by Iraqis. We have a number of locations in Baghdad, two of which serve as recruiting centers and administrative facilities. Our Command Center is in Baghdad, but we have regional headquarters throughout the country. Our company maintains a high level of compliance in a difficult and dangerous time. For 20 years NESS was the only private security company in Iraq. In the early eighties, when Iraq did not have provisions for private security, we took the lead in providing secure logistical support to archaeological expeditions and oil projects in remote sites around the country.

Our security forces provide armed security, IT, consulting and security management services to a broad spectrum of clients ranging from ministries, embassies, and official delegations to private enterprises, high powered business delegations, NGOs, and media. Geographically, we provide security to remote sites and expeditions as well as urban areas.

NESS’s mode of operations integrates excellent management, 24/7 support and local security experience thereby offering a cost effective, informed and professional service. The depth of our knowledge and understanding of Iraq’s complex security environment gives us a unique ability to provide comprehensive security and risk management solutions and strategic guidance while remaining sensitive to local cultures and fluent in local languages. Our security solutions are client-focused, tailored to each client’s individual needs and executed in close coordination with them.

Our workforce applies strict physical and psychological standards enabling our guards to carry out their duties effectively. The company’s standard operating procedures are in line with global standards and we provide our personnel with top quality equipment, badging and uniforms. On-going training and constant supervision are our means of ensuring a successful operation.

We provide a wide range of services including:
• Facility protection
• Force protection
• Close protection
• Surveillance and counter-surveillance
• IT security
• Political and security risk analysis
• Crisis management and response
• Project security management
• Pre-employment screening

We believe that local problems require local solutions for cost effective and efficient results.

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