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Iraq Baghdad Municipality
- Baghdad Municipality
- Baghdad Water Authority

Iraq Ministry of Oil
- Iraqi Drilling Co.
- Oil Exploration Co.
- North Oil Co.
- South Oil Co.
- Midland Refineries / (General Company)
- North Refineries / (General Company)
- South Refineries / (General Company)
- Northern Gas Co.
- Gas Filling Co.
- Oil Products Distribution Co.
- Oil Pipelines Co.
- Oil Projects Co.
- Iraqi Oil Tankers Co.
- Arab Company for Detergent Chemicals (ARADET)

Iraq Electricity Board
- G/C of Midland Electricity Production
- G/C of North Electricity Production
- G/C of South Electricity Production
- G/C for Baghdad Electricity Distribution
- G/C for Middle Electric Distribution
- G/C for North Electricity Distribution
- G/C for South Electricity Distribution
- Electrical Projects Co.

Iraq Ministry of Transport & Communication
- G/C for Ports of Iraq
- G/C for Water Transport
- G/C for Land Transport
- G/C for Passenger Transport
- G/C for Railways of Iraq
- Iraqi Telecommunication & Post Co. (ITPC)
- Iraqi Airways Co.

Iraq Ministry of Health
- The State Company for Marketing of Drugs and Medical Appliances (KIMADIA)

Iraq Ministry of Internal affairs
- Civil Defense
- G/C for Water & Sewerage

Iraq Ministry of Culture
- State Board of Tourism
- State Board of Antiquities
- Iraq National Museum
- Iraq National Library
- Iraq National Theatre

Iraq Ministry of Trade
- G/C for Grain Trading
- G/C for Trading Automobile & Machines
- G/C of Food Stuff Trading
- G/C for Shopping Centers

Iraq Ministry of Industry & Minerals
- G/C for Petrochemical Industries (SCPI)
- G/C for Textile Industries
- G/C for Cotton Industries
- G/C for Sugar
- G/C for Ready Made Wear (RMW)
- G/C for leather Industries
- G/C for Southern Fertilizers
- G/C for Northern Fertilizers
- G/C for Phosphate / Al-Ka’im
- Mishraq Sulfur states Co.
- G/C for Iraqi Cement
- G/C for Southern Cement
- G/C for Northern Cement
- G/C for Rubber Industries / Al - Diwaniyya
- G/C for Tyres Industry / Najaf
- Al-Fourat G/C for Chemical Industries
- State Battery Manufacturing Co.
- G/C for Paper Industry
- G/C for Manufacturing of Drugs & Medical Appliances (SDI)
- G/C for Iron& Steel
- Al-Shaheed S/E Al-Falluja
- Naser G/C for Mechanical industries
- Al-Sumood G/C for Steel Industries
- Hutteen G/E
- G/C for Automobile Industry
- 17 Nissan G/C
- G/C for Electrical Industries
- Electrical Lamps Factory
- Al-Kadissiya G/C for Electric Industries
- G/C for Wool Industries

Iraq Ministry of Irrigation
- Al-Furat Center for Studies & Designs
- Al-Muthanna Co. For Dredging
- Al-Naser Co. Of Dredging

Iraq Ministry of Public Works
- Security for 1,400 sites throughout Iraq

Iraq Ministry of Electricity
- Roving security of Musayeb and Kut Power Lines

Iraq Ministry of Defense
- IT infrastructure of new MOD building and its Annex

Iraq Ministry of Justice
- Personal protection of 35 judges throughout Iraq