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Neareast Petroleum Services is a division of the Neareast Resources (NER), established in 1998 as an umbrella company for its many divisions, which have been cumulatively been in business in Iraq since 1978. We provide a wide range of services to the petroleum industry including logistics, security, construction, human resources and public relations.

In a country like Iraq where the opportunities are vast and the environment variable, diversity and flexibility are critical to a successful business. Neareast works in partnership with NER’s divisions in trade contracting and construction, information technology and security services, employing qualified engineers, technicians, consultants, skilled laborers, guards, translators, managers and administrative staff. We pair this diversity with the focused resolve required to provide turnkey solutions to complex projects under the most difficult or hostile conditions. Our products and services are well known in Iraq and our company’s name implies quality, confidence and continuity.

Local Knowledge
We have a deep and well earned knowledge of Iraq’s petroleum resources and industry. By utilizing our long history in Iraq and our fundamental understanding of global markets and economies, Neareast serves as a bridge for conducting global business on a local level.

Effective Management
Our management personnel, an exceptional resource, are professionals in their own respective fields of operation and bring with them a wealth of expertise and experience. All members of our management team are proficient in both English and Arabic, written and spoken. While our top management is intimately familiar with Iraq, they also have the benefit of a Western graduate education and a familiarity with international business standards.

Exceptional Business Standards
We believe company integrity is of the highest importance. We honor our commitments, are accountable for our actions and are responsible to the health and safety of people and the environment. Where Iraqi legislative requirements are insufficient or absent we comply with our own regulations, which are of international caliber.

At Neareast Petroleum Services we strive for excellence in the delivery of our services. Our goal is the provision of cost effective, timely, and practical solutions to a satisfied clientele.

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